Hello! It’s been a while since our last update. We’ve been beavering a way at various things. Also I (Bec) had to figure out how to install Jekyll locally. I got there in the end. Thus, I bring you new updates…

We’re on diversitytickets.org

We want to make the conference as accessible as possible to a diverse range of participants. This includes gender diverse participants, differently abled participants, and those participants who are diverse in a range of other ways that Jimmy and I aren’t aware of. We really liked the various things that the UK conf did to be inclusive and would like to replicate this and maybe even improve on it (Get in touch with us if you have suggestions). For this reason we have partnered with the amazing crew at diversitytickets.org who will manage our diversity ticket applications. We’ve only initially opened up 10 to start with and we’re looking for a diversity sponsor to cover these and as many others as they would like to.

Please see our diversitytickets.org page for info on the Travis Foundation and how they select recipients and manage the process:

Diversity Tickets


We added an email list sign up form thingo

We realised that unless you love us so much you have the Twitter account on notifications, it’s possible you will miss our super important updates :scream:. This is not good, so we made a Mailchimp list. We’re mindful that the UK one didn’t, because they didn’t want it to be the sort of conference that took all your details and sold them to the highest bidder. In light of this we’ve updated the privacy policy to specifically state that the email list is purely for our communication to you regarding FFS Tech Conf Down Under news, and literally NOONE else will get a hold of these emails :no_entry_sign:. We’ll make this super clear to prospective sponsors.

If you want to sign up to this, you’ll find it at the bottom in the footer :point_down:.

We set a date for submissions

We also realised that for some reason we never set a date on when we’d announce the rant program. While we have absolutely no reason to believe that the end program is going to be anything other than absolutely smashing (so you should get your tix anyway) we understand there’s a range of reasons people would want to know. I therefore put my finger in the air and pulled a date out of the ether, and we’re closing submissions on the 31st December :date:.

With that said, submissions are obviously still open. There’s been some suuuuper good submissions so far that we can tell will be amazing conversational points, but if you have something you want to get off your chest, there is still time.


All sessions must start “FFS…” and last no more than 15 minutes of rant about technology, it’s practice or its use (30 minutes of discussion to follow each rant).

Submit 1 tweet for session proposal using #FFSConfDownUnder or mention @FFSConDownUnder (yeah we couldn’t get the extra F to fit). We’re also taking submissions via a Google Form, but also feel free to get in contact with us about stuff on Twitter.