So as we come up to the end of the year, we’ve gotten a bunch of really great talk ideas that we think are going to start some really great conversations!

One of those talks really jumped out us. Geoffrey Dunn has some strong opinions about the terminology we use and will regale us with them in his talk “FFS we need to stop obsessing about metaphors. It’s not a skyscraper, we’re not a rugby team, releases are not constrained to a pipe and wrong code is not debt. All models are wrong and some need to be shot dead.”

We are still locking down the schedule and the rest of the talks, but there is still time to submit your ideas! We are closing submissions on January 1, 2019, so if you are ranting about something over ham at Christmas lunch and think more people need to hear your take then just Aunt Mavis, submit it here, or tweet it at us at @FFSConDownUnder!