How many times have you gone to a conference, sat down in a talk alongside 2,000 other people, made it halfway through, and thought “FFS, why isn’t this a blog post?”.

Someone is on stage talking at you for 45 minutes, blasts through slides faster then you can comprehend, then jumps off stage. They haven’t said anything controversial because it’s all recorded and the internet never forgets. And if you wanted to follow up, you better hope to run into them later because that’s your only chance.

FFSConf is the opposite of that.

A speaker gets up for 15 minutes and lays out their talk (which always begins with “FFS”) to a much smaller, more personal crowd. Once they’ve said their piece, we open the floor up (with moderation). The audience can ask questions, refute points, or add to the discussion with their own insights. The entire event runs under chatham house rule (TLDR: You can talk about what’s said, but not who said it), so we record nothing and everyone is free to share.

We’ve chosen the talks to foster discussion. Yes, a talk about ”Leveraging Chrome’s developer tools to optimise FPS in React Animations” might be interesting. But a talk called “FFS Javascript doesn’t have to suck” might start an interesting debate. Who knows, someone in the crowd might remember IE6, jQuery and think that things aren’t so bad these days.

We’ve got a great bunch of talks ranging from the technical:

“FFS Strong Static Types Won’t Slow You Down” by Ben Theunissen

to the cultural:

“FFS It’s OK to leave some tools in the toolbox.” by Katie McLaughlin

and the business focused:

“FFS Your startup is not in the artisanal VM Business” by Simon Waight

and a many more you can read about here.

The big day is Feb 2nd, 2019!

The whole shindig is being held at Stone and Chalk, a stone’s throw (or two stops on a tram) from Southern Cross Railway Station in Melbourne, Australia.

Not to mention all the profits are being donated to charity.

Sound like fun? Come along!

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