The shape of the day will look roughly like this:

Tables Activity
0800-0900 Registration (including coffee)
0900-0915 Intro
0915-1215 Rants (including breaks)
1215-1315 Lunch
1315-1715 Rants (including breaks)
1730-1830 Food and Drinks
1830-2100 Open Space / Lightning InstaRants

The organised rants will be done in an arbitary order from the accepted proposals. We anticipate that there will be a large number of submissions so we will be choosing from these based on the following:

  • Common Themes
  • People who were able to commit to the rant at the conference
  • Ensuring a diverse and interesting set of rants for the audience to enjoy and participate in

You’ll notice there is an Open Space / Lightning InstaRant time slot, where attendees can give their own rants. This was an impromptu addition to the line up that worked well in the UK that we will be replicating in Australia. Details of how this will run will be given on the day.